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Modula Vertical Lift

Welcome to Couzens Storage Solutions

Welcome to our Web site, you will find the greatest selection and choice of automated goods-to-man picking and storage systems in the UK. We've been around since 1991 and have supplied many household names with our equipment from manufacturing to service to order fulfilment companies.

We specialise in designing, specifying, supplying, installing and provide ongoing maintenance of Automated Storage Systems, some operating at storage and retrieval speeds to make your eyes water!

More SpaceImprove your space utilisation, use the floor area and headroom you have more effectively
More ProductivityImprove your productivity
Greater AccuracyIncrease stock accuracy and decrease mis-picks
Greater SecuritySecure your stock to minimise stock shrinkage
Save MoneySave money by achieving all of these, building a new warehouse is expensive

Here, we'll give you just a taste of what is possible, you don't need to study all the specifications and become an expert in storage and picking, let us do the analysis and take advantage of our many years experience dealing with diverse and challenging applications as well as the straightforward.

We can handle all aspects of supply and installation - including assisting with planning your store or warehouse, liaising with Architects and other suppliers to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We realise that installing such equipment is usually a major capital expenditure and so it's very important that the equipment you choose is reliable and suitable for the purpose you intend it to achieve. Choosing the right equipment can provide a return on investment within 18 months as shown by one our case studies.

Please take a look at the range of equipment we supply but don't get bogged down with specifications and technicalities, just call us on 0844 2091 569 or E-mail us and we'll be happy to advise on what options can be considered to arrive at the best storage solution to meet your criteria.